Nouveauté en chanson.

BOURGET, LES AMANTS DE L’OMBRE. Chansons d’amour, de vie et de mort

Rendez-vous sur Metis Islands records.
Dès le 6 avril.
Précommande. Écoute*.

* Écoutez la première chanson Voici pourquoi  (Paroles)

Sur les Opus jazz et classique.

“His album Second Time shows his skills as a virtuoso on the piano, but also as a masterful composer and arranger. ”
Jazz Review

“The intensity of the music and the quality of the recording pull you into the music, until you feel almost as if you are sitting alone in a concert hall. (…) No matter whether you are solo piano aficionado or not, Bourget’s sound is enthralling. His technical and creative facilities alone are admirable, but the sheer intensity of his music is enough to draw the most callused listener in.”
Jazz Times

“ Bourget explore a mysterious and vast territory. A great gust of wind blowing the melodies against a wall of sound ” — The Live Music Report – Canada